The English Galindos
Alresford Letter

Alresford 12th My 1814

My Dear Galindo

I only have the time to tell you that we are leaving. The passports of fourteen prisoners have just arrived and ? and mine are among them.
We have to leave tomorrow evening at twilight. I left the engraving and your portrait which I could not finish to Mr Keen who will send them to you by the stage coach.
Farewell my dear Jose?, for sure I will not forget you and one of my first occupations in Paris shall be to let you hear from me.

My kind regards to Mrs Galindo and all the family.

Your sincere and affectionate friend

Second Alresford Letter Alresford 18th October 1814
My Dear Sir,
I received the letter which you gave me the honour of addressing as an answer of mine.
Again my dear Sir I shall take the liberty of begging you to remember what you have promised me. Were fortune be with you and make you discover this person's abode would you do me the honour of writing to me at?
As I have already had the honour of informing you at Mr Dimmock's you shall have my address I beg you please my dear Sir Gallindo render me this service I shall be infinitely grateful and in this case would you give me the details concerning Celles?
Offer my kind regards and say goodbye to your ladies
Remember me to all these young people
Farewell once more my dear Sir
If I may be of any use to you draw upon me,

Your devoted ‘son’

P. S. When you receive this letter I shall be gone already.