Catherines front cover
The book has been faithfully transcribed, with the italicised items in the letters being Catherine's comments.
The Miss W. frequently referred to is Patty Wilkinson, daughter of Tate Wilkinson, actor and Sarah Siddon's manager.


Conscious as I am that the life and circumstances of an insignificant individual can create no interest worthy of public curiosity, yet, when joined with a name such as yours, they become an object of attention a person so long eminent for your public talents, and supposed private virtues: on that I found my hopes I shall be forgiven for intruding on the world, the sad events of a life, the principal misfortunes of which you have caused.
Destitute of all those advantages which you possess over me (your victim for now seven miserable years), I dare appeal even to the same public who have so long held you justly in estimation by the delightful gratification your great talents afforded them, convinced as I am that if justice or humanity reside upon this earth, it is in the breasts of Englishmen, capable by the solidity of their judgment to discern the truth and from their love of justice, always ready to hear and assist the oppressed, through whatever medium they may be addressed; the nature of my wrongs leaves me no other tribunal to which I can apply for retribution, no other punishment on my oppressor, but what may be obtained by letting the world know your true character, stripped of that veil