January 6th.Wednesday. Started from home at ½ past 6 Oclock a.m. a very cold morning, arrived at the London bridge docks at a ½ before 9, went on board a Gravesend Steamer, and arrived at the end of the grave at a ¼ before 12 landed and while we were walking up the town, my Father met with an old acquaintance, who shewd him an inn to go to; my Father made a very bad dinner, and I had none, because the steamer made me feel sick: went to bed at 8 but just as we were getting in, a dog ran out from under the bed, my Father called the maid and made a great noise about it, slept very well.

7th. Thursday. Rose at 7 a.m. Went to the pier to see if the Sophia had arrived, but she had not, had our breakfast at a coffee shop, after which we took a stroll about the town, which is a large and dirty one; we did not feel very well, so that we wanted something delicate to refresh our stomachs; so we went into a butchers shop to get something nice, but he had nothing but liver which he would not cut for us, so that we were obliged to buy the whole of it, which was about 2½ lbs, but when it was cooked with some potatoes, we soon found altho it was 2½ lbs, we managed to eat it all for we eat more like wild beasts, than sick people; went to bed at 7 slept as well as last night.

8th. Friday. Rose about 7, went to see for the Sophia, learnt that she was coming down the river, which I told my Father, got all our luggage into a boat, and rowd to the ship, went on board and the Capt. very kindly sent to my Father to know if he had taken his breakfast; the Capt went on shore to fetch two ladies on board who were going passengers with us to Jamaica, had my dinner about 12m, which was some very good fresh boiled beef and potatoes, which made me a very good dinner, my Father had his dinner about two hours afterwards, but he was in a very bad way for grog! as there was a Custom house Officer on board, to prevent any spirits being given out until he was ashore, my Father said that he was very cold, but it was no use; luckily the officer went away about ½ past 2, at which time the Capt came on board and we got under way, my Father kept asking for his grog, but he could not obtain any until 7 Oclock when I went to the cabin for it and brought a bottle full of rum: turned in about 8 p.m anchored in the Lower Hope.