9th. Rose at 7 had some scouseScouse is a type of lamb or beef stew. The word comes from lobscouse, a stew commonly eaten by sailors. for my breakfast which is a sort of an Irish stew, but I did not like it very well, laid at anchor all that day, had some fresh beef and biscuit for my dinner; went to bed about 6 slept very well.

10th. Sunday such a Sunday I never witnessed in my life: I could not eat any breakfast, as I was sea-sick, weighed anchor and proceeded to Sea Reach, it ought to be called Sick Reach where we anchored for the night, turned in about 7. I hope I shall never feel sea sick again !!

11th. The Capt sent us 6 lbs of sugar and 1 lb of tea; the tea was excellent.

12th. After breakfast we weighed anchor; hearing the Mate cry out, a buoy over board, I thought he meant a lad and I went and looked. We had a fiddle, a fiddler, and a tambourine on board, so that we danced every night which annoyed my Father so much, that he said he could not sleep for the noises: turned in about 9.

January 13th. Went to the camp house (cabouse) for some hot water; passed Margate roads, afterwards saw Ramsgate and about 11 a.m. off Deal, anchored in the Downs, the Pilot went on shore: I had very foolishly saved 3 or 4 shillings worth of half-pence, but a Deal boatman coming along side with some fruit, told me there was no copper coins in Jamaica, so that I spent it all in buying apples and gingerbread, went to bed at 6.

l4th. After breakfast the cabin boy brought us a large loaf of bread, went on deck, saw a storm gathering; the Capt ordered the men to let go another anchor: turned in at 6p.m. very cold.