15th. Rose at 7, went on deck, such a scene of horrors I never witnessed, the sea washing all over the deck, went and told my Father which he did not much like, but sent me to the galley to make some tea, the wind blew so strong that before 9 a.m. we saw 2 ships driven away perhaps never to return! went to bed about 6.

16th. At anchor in the Downs, found there was a fair wind, that news I liked very well, as I was tired of the sbip already, weighed anchor about 12 at noon, past Deal, sailed through the noted straits of Dover, where everybody is almost sure to be sick, but I was not the least, had a cup of tea, a dance and turned in.

17th. Sunday Rose about 7, not very well, went on deck, the wind blew very hard and foul and we were beating towards the French coast, had some pudding and salt junk for my dinner, danced and turned in late.

18th. Rose at 8. a Cowes Pilot boat in sight, the Capt hailed him, such a difference between him and our Downs pilot I never saw; the Downs pilot was a tremendous size; and the Cowes one a very thin pale looking fellow! beating in the channel with the wind right ahead, turned in at 6, because of the cold.

19th. Rose early went on deck, a fair wind just sprang up, saw the Isle of Wight, which I thought a very barren rocky place, the pilot boat in sight put the pilot on board, and made way, the breeze continued fair untill 2 p.m. turned in at 7.

20th. Went on deck as usual, the wind dead foul, saw Start point, which is in Devonshire, a sheep on board just died and the ducks and fowls died 3 or 4 every day; while I was standing on the main deck the Capt called me and gave me a very fine piece of roast beef, had a very good dinner and turned in early.